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Among the many forms of advertising, the most used is the google adsense system, which allows the display of advertisements related to the topic covered in the page; so, for example, if you are visiting an information page on coffee, it is likely that there will be announcements relating to the sale of mokes or machines to prepare espresso at home.

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Despite the strict controls by the system, misleading announcements may appear on our pages, which go against our editorial line; an example would be: "you lose 10 kg in two weeks" or "increase your breast in two sizes with our cream".

We wish to emphasize that the appearance of these advertisements is casual and does not depend on our will, because we have no direct link - neither personal nor economic - with those who commissioned them; we also take the opportunity to dissociate ourselves from those who sponsor their products with excessively miraculous tones, without supporting everything with adequate and internationally recognized scientific studies.

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