Cosmetic Surgery

The borders between physical culture and aesthetic surgery

Edited by Ivan Mercolini

Final considerations

With this treatise of mine I have described the limits, the boundaries between the results obtainable with the physical culture and the results obtainable with surgery. This is so that those who attend a weight room and follow a diet know how to clearly discern what can be expected from what will require surgery. So know not to fall into the fascination of some cheaters personal trainers who offer amazing results, which can only be credibly obtained with the scalpel and / or the forbidden use of steroids.

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To those who object that surgery costs, I answer: evaluated case by case. If you live very well with your or your defects and if you don't work in a sector where a medium / high physical aspect is required, I understand your logic. If you do not have a sufficient income or you do not have it for nothing, because of the economic crisis or because you have many other expenses (children, rent bills, etc.), I understand your logic. But if you object to me that surgery costs and then spend a sum of a few thousand euros on exotic journeys, designer clothes, aperitifs, spas, beauticians and massages, then your logic escapes me.

This treaty of mine is not intended to be an advertising poster for aesthetic clinics. But he wants, as I have always written, to bring back the naked truth.

Work hard in the weight room by having a qualified personal trainer follow you (and it is not so easy to find!), Make the chemistry of what you eat and drink mold your body and where this is not enough, both your individual sensibility and your goal, both your desire to evaluate the possible use of the aesthetic clinic. No taboos. No fear. Whoever aspires to improve himself can only be applauded and the envious ones rosy. Who wants to feel good about himself, with his body and his image, has my total understanding.

Remember that if you are looking for maximum body aesthetics, you need targeted work in the weight room, cardio room, power supply and integration. Targeted work that will be drafted by a professional subject to the acquisition of your medical history. Therefore, do not look for aesthetics in more or less serious group activities, from the old aerobic dance to the modern cross-fit. These are compromise activities, designed to make you loose from laziness by motivating you with music, novelties, choreography. But the result will also be a compromise. If you suck at the top, use the right tools.

But do not be cold and empty statues. Remember that first of all you are men and women and it is your task to increase your conscience, your interiority as much as with these my lessons you improve your exteriority. Let me be proud of you. In all these years I have really taught you in every field of model training without any compensation asking you in return: these texts are free as are the articulated interventions you have had in Community. Be correct, honest, selfless citizens. Let your beauty not be a means to humiliate those who have defects, but an example and goal so that every ugly duckling yearns to be a swan. Your hands are stretched, your example communicated, your head is low. Because the yeast is not yours, but of those who write here, who in turn is such a dowry given freely by God. And therefore who should exalt himself? No one, not even God who certainly does not have an ego, as the various religions forget. Make an image and beauty out of love for beautiful things and let your reward be sufficient without pretending to humiliate or be exalted.

And to those who copy and paste my lessons into their websites and blogs, without citing the source and making them believe that they are the authors, I say: if you are not afraid of being prosecuted by law, what do you plan to benefit? Do you think that people are so foolish as not to notice that you are not at all cultured and prepared? My saying is widespread and vast on the web, everyone knows me by now as they know other great authors well above me. Do you believe that nobody realizes the mystification? You are foolish and ungrateful. Unrecognizing because for free you receive my teachings and you are so greedy as not to honor the author, but rather to rob him.

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Now, confining to cosmetic surgery, we have reached the acme, the non plus ultra of beauty.

I send a thank you to all of you who read and follow my writings with dedication, giving me often emails and SMSs of esteem which I always read with joy: what better reward than seeing that your teaching has brought benefits and serenity to so many people ???

I thank - and then I really close this lesson - my partner, fiancée and future bride VIOLA, for the company, the support, the tender love, the closeness, the support and the encouragement that she gives me day after day: thank you my love, together we will walk until our last breath.


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