infectious diseases

Rules for the prevention of cholera

For those traveling in areas affected by cholera:

- Drink only bottled water, boiled or disinfected with chlorine or iodine.

-Avoid ice, unless you are absolutely sure that it was produced with uncontaminated water.

- Only consume carefully cooked foods and serve hot.

- Avoid raw or undercooked fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

- Protect food from insects using special containers; refrigerate foods that are not consumed immediately after preparation.

-Avoid consuming vegetables and raw fruit.

-Choose products that have undergone suitable treatments to ensure harmlessness (for example, pasteurized or treated milk at high temperatures).

-Avoid buying food from street vendors and eating in places with obvious lack of hygiene.

- Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food and eating meals and after having been in the bathroom.