blood analysis

Vertical Automatic Profile - VAP

The VAP test (Vertical Automatic Profile - from the Vertical Auto Profile) is an exam aimed at the dosage of blood lipids, including: cholesterol, lipoproteins and other fats.

The name "VAP test" was coined by the private cardio diagnostics company "Atherothec" to identify the relative direct measurement method. The extremely innovative method not only allows to evaluate the total cholesterol, the HDL lipoproteins and the LDL lipoproteins, but ALL the lipids and the related circulating subclasses, with a likely detail of the triglyceride component inside the LDL lipoproteins.

In particular, with the VAP it is possible to identify as many as 15 distinct lipid components, against the 4 of the traditional lipemic evaluation methods. This should translate into greater sensitivity (up to double) in the assessment of health risk. The VAP test measures LDL directly, including the so-called "Particle Size Pattern", as well as VLDL, IDL and lipoprotein A (Lp A).