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How to Dress for Outdoor Running

Running is a sporting discipline that takes place mainly in the open air and also in particular environmental conditions; on the other hand, there are machines that can reproduce (relatively effectively) the athletic gesture of the race but, to have the possibility to run regardless of the external climatic conditions, it was necessary to "distort" part of the specific athletic gesture (a marginal aspect for the MA fitness run essential in sports running )
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I don't lose weight anymore! - The weight stall or plateau

To all those who, at least once, have tried their hand at nutritional therapy, it will happen to reach a point (or rather a moment) of stall or plateau of body weight in which weight loss slows down until it stops. Usually, this unpleasant condition is accompanied by emotions of discomfort, resignation and sometimes even fear
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Anti-inflammatory Ginseng

Inflammation is a physiological response to various stimuli such as pathogens, irritants and tissue injuries, and can be classified as acute or chronic. An acute inflammatory response has a rapid onset and a short duration, and is characterized by a rapid movement of plasma proteins and leukocytes towards damaged tissues
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Properties of the Agnocasto - Phytotherapy

By Dr. Rita Fabbri The term Agnocasto derives from a Greek word that translated literally means "pure", hence the name "Agnus", to remember precisely the anaphrodisiac properties of this plant. Later the word "Castus" was also added, further emphasizing the meaning of purity
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Example protein diet for weight loss

Premise The following indications are for information purposes EXCLUSIVELY and are not intended to replace the opinion of professional figures such as doctor, nutritionist or dietician, whose intervention is necessary for the prescription and composition of CUSTOMIZED food therapies. Generality The protein diet for weight loss is a nutritional regime, probably hypocaloric, which prefers a higher protein content than the traditional distribution of macronutrients, exploiting the positive characteristics of proteins on weight loss, which are: > Specific Dynamic Action - ADS <Insulin Index &
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