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diets for weight loss

Protein Diet for Weight Loss

The protein diet for weight loss, better defined as IPER-protein, is a diet based on the increase in food proteins. The protein diet is NOT universally conceived: in fact there is no standard high-protein diet that is the same for everyone; for this reason, more than a stand-alone food model, it could be considered a characteristic of the various nutritional regimes
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blood analysis

Iron deficiency anemia

Generality The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the concept of anemia as a hemoglobin value of less than 14 g / dl in humans, 12 g / dl in women and 11 g / dl in pregnant women. Among the many causes of anemia, iron deficiency is the most common. Not surprisingly, iron deficiency probably represents the most widespread nutritional alteration in the world
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infectious diseases

Malaria distribution

Malaria is today one of the main health emergencies on the planet. In addition to being endemic in many areas of Asia , Africa , South and Central America , Caribbean islands and Oceania , malaria is increasingly being imported even in areas where it has already been eliminated, such as in Europe and the USA
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Diet and Depression: Prevent it at the Table

What is the Depression Diet and our attitude towards food influence and are influenced by mood. Depression is a disorder in which the mood loses its physiological flexibility, is reduced and is no longer influenced by positive situations. The typical symptoms of depression related to diet are: changes in appetite and weight loss (-5% per month) or, less frequently, a marked increase in appetite with a consequent increase in body weight
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surgical interventions


Generality The frenuloplasty is the surgical operation aimed at remodeling the penis, in men with a short frenulum. The intervention of frenuloplasty requires a particular preparation; the future patient, in fact, must undergo some pre-operative examinations (blood tests, electrocardiograms and urine tests), he must discuss some details of his state of health with the doctor who will carry out the operation, he must respect a fast of at least 8 hours before the procedure etc
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