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Importance of selenium for thyroid health

Iodine alone is not enough Speaking of the diet-thyroid relationship, the first thought is for iodine, a mineral essential for the functionality of this gland as a structural component of thyroid hormones. Thus, without iodine, the thyroid could not produce its own hormones. Another mineral that is particularly important for the metabolism of thyroid hormones is selenium, mainly known for its antioxidant function
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TOPSTER ® Beclometasone dipropionate

TOPSTER ® is a drug based on beclometasone dipropionate THERAPEUTIC GROUP: Steroid anti-inflammatory intestinal - Glucorticoid IndicationsAction mechanismStudies and clinical effectiveness Usage and dosage instructionsWarnings Pregnancy and lactationInteractionsContraindicationsUndesirable effects Indications TOPSTER ® Beclometasone dipropionate TOPSTER ® is indicated for the treatment of colitis and ulcerative proctosigmoiditis, both in the acute phase and in the course of exacerbation. M
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eye health

Contact Lenses - Possible Complications

Health risks In general, if used correctly, contact lenses are quite safe. Any complications related to their use are quite rare and affect about 5% of users every year. Often, the intolerance to the use of these medical devices is the consequence of the interaction between structural factors of the lens and the physiology of the front part of the eye; This leads to changes in the cornea in terms of structure, tearing and oxygen levels
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food additives

E160b Annatto, Bissina, Norbissina

E160b ANNATTO, BISSINA, NORBISSINA (CI 75120) Annatto, bissin and norbissin are orange dyes, of vegetable origin, used in the same food products as carotenoids. According to some studies, they could give allergic reactions; they are not recommended especially for children. ADI DOSE: 0.065 mg per kg of body weight
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Chia seeds

What are Chia seeds are the fruits produced by a plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, Genus Salvia , species Hispanic ; the binomial nomenclature of chia is therefore Salvia hispanica . In reality, chia can be understood as various distinct plants, but belonging to the same genus; in addition to the aforementioned S
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respiratory health

Blood in Catarrh

Generality Blood in phlegm (or hemoftoe ) is a symptom that can depend on numerous conditions. In fact, sputum with blood traces can come from the trachea, bronchi, lungs or any other part of the respiratory system. The most frequently responsible haemoftoe pathologies are bronchitis, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and infectious airway diseases
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