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Treating Ulcerative Colitis with Herbs

This article aims to help the reader in the rapid identification of natural remedies useful in the treatment of various symptoms, disorders and pathologies. For some of the listed remedies, this utility may not have been confirmed by sufficient experimental tests conducted with a scientific method. Furthermore, any natural remedy presents potential risks and contraindications.

If available, we therefore recommend that you click on the link corresponding to the individual remedy to learn more about the topic. In any case, we remind you of the importance of avoiding self-treatment and to consult your doctor beforehand to ascertain the absence of contraindications and drug interactions.

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the large intestine, characterized by the appearance of symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea often mixed with blood, tenesmus and mucous losses.

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis are mostly related to the presence of numerous point ulcerations, which form on the mucous membrane of the colon making themselves evident on endoscopic examination (colonoscopy).

Regarding the origin of ulcerative colitis, a unique and certain cause is still missing; rather, it is considered a disease with a multifactorial aetiology, to whose onset various factors can contribute: genetic predisposition, immune disorders, stress, allergies and infections.

Medical therapy uses anti-inflammatory drugs, such as mesalazine (or 5-aminosalicylic acid), sulfasalazine, olsalazine, balsalzide, salazopirin or corticosteroids, and anti-suppressor drugs (they suppress exaggerated immune reactions at the base of the inflammatory process), such as azathioprine, mercaptopurine, cyclosporin and infliximab.

Useful medicinal plants and supplements against Ulcerative Colitis

Boswellia, supplements of EPA and DHA (fish oil) to rebalance the relationship between omega three and omega six, Psyllium, Chamomile, Altea, Aloe vera gel, Uncaria tomentosa, Licorice, Horse Chestnut, Plantain, Glutamine