The correct approach to food supplements

Edited by Ivan Mercolini


Let us now try to understand why young people place so much emphasis on supplements, even before they begin to understand the biomechanics of the series and the principles of training. The reason is simple and quickly summarized. If once the role of educator was up to parents and teaching staff, today it is up to the media. Who owns the TV? A trader / entrepreneur. Who owns the magazines? Traders / entrepreneurs. Who owns the newspapers? Banks, therefore always traders / entrepreneurs. Etc. Etc. Now, a trader wants to make money. He wants to get rich, he wants to make money. He has no interest in educating the masses. A disciplined, educated and sober population, dedicated to duty and thrift is a society that does not consume ... therefore economically disadvantageous. The mass media are therefore concerned with tickling people's low instincts: sloth, sexuality, gluttony ... in order to push them to consume, consume and consume. To make him believe in a fictitious reality that exists only on cameras. This is how this generation of young people dedicated to happy hour, nightlife, student spirit, was born, enjoy yourself as much as you can. They teach you that you buy everything with money, so supplements are also passed off as something that can work miracles and replace very well a discliplined lifestyle. Kettlebells, elastic straps, balls, reels are invented. Why? Simply because hard training and a sober diet, by themselves do not spend much. So they try to convince that it is absolutely necessary to integrate in order to have results, to buy more and more absurd news ... and down to spend. They teach that you have to buy mountains of clothes every week ... and down to spend. They teach you to make aperitifs, nightlife ... spend, spend, spend ... have fun as long as you can. I am overwhelmed by the calls of parents who no longer know how to deal with their children, who drink, smoke, make 7 am already at thirteen. I can't blame these mothers. What power can they or their teachers have compared to the roaring voice of television? All the more reason, what power can I have? Nobody. I can only stand by and wait ... I confess to having some worries when this generation becomes a ruling class. So, this essay of mine, like the previous ones and those to come, is dedicated to the various virtuous boys scattered around the country ... always in fewer numbers. To the boys who dedicate themselves with effort and love to improve themselves and to overcome their limits. For continuous growth.

Believe me, my friends, you are the norm, you are not fixed. You are normal. You have respect for the gift of life that God has given you and you are committed to taking care of this gift, improving yourself and the society in which you live. Duties come before rights. Recreation, fun, is just a moment of distraction and rest that cannot be substituted for the main reason why we exist: WORK. When fun replaces work, you fall into the most extreme vice, into foolishness. And I'm not here for the goliards, for the bulk of today's (and not only) young society. They took everything from me: dignity, friendships, loves, dreams. Respect each lifestyle and they respect a loser.

Reflect on these words of mine. Have a nice day, we feel like we're in the community.

For further information, I would like to point out the interview I did for the ProntoPro Blog on food supplements and their correct use.


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