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Treating dark circles with herbs

This article aims to help the reader in the rapid identification of natural remedies useful in the treatment of various symptoms, disorders and pathologies. For some of the listed remedies, this utility may not have been confirmed by sufficient experimental tests conducted with a scientific method. Furthermore, any natural remedy presents potential risks and contraindications.

If available, we therefore recommend that you click on the link corresponding to the individual remedy to learn more about the topic. In any case, we remind you of the importance of avoiding self-treatment and to consult your doctor beforehand to ascertain the absence of contraindications and drug interactions.

Dark circles are dark halos with more or less marked shades of purple that affect the sub-ocular area. Often the problem is trivialized by blaming low sleep, menstrual periods or a "good night"; in reality if on the one hand these factors can undoubtedly mark the problem, on the other they do not represent the real cause of the dark circles. Often and willingly, in fact, in the predisposed subjects the problem manifests itself even in the days in which one is rested more than sufficiently; the origins of dark circles should therefore be sought elsewhere.

The lighter and thinner the skin covering the sub-ocular region, the more evident the problem is, linked to the presence of blood flowing in the dense capillary network of this area. In the presence of capillary fragility, the rupture of these small vessels (favored by poor sleep, by too many hours spent on books or in front of a screen, etc.) determines the stagnation of blood components, which greatly accentuate the blemish. Also some medicines, including warfarin and aspirin, can mark the presence of dark circles. The same applies to allergic phenomena, especially if accompanied by itching, since the rubbing of the eyes facilitates the lesion of the capillaries. Even the sun is a typical factor that can worsen the problem of dark circles.

Useful medicinal plants and supplements against dark circles

Against capillary fragility: vitamin C, centella, bilberry, rue, Ginkgo, red vine, citro-bioflavonoids, hesperidin, horse-chestnut, ruscus or butcher's broom, black currant, rosehip. For local application in the form of creams, astringent drugs against dark circles: Witch hazel, Ratania, Tormentilla, Argentina, Lemon, Rose petals, green tea.