What is malignant hyperthermia and what causes it?

Malignant hyperthermia is a pathological condition of hereditary type, which alters the normal oxidative metabolism of skeletal muscles and determines, mainly, a massive muscular contraction and a marked increase in body temperature.

The really strange and curious thing about malignant hyperthermia is not its symptoms, but the fact that the appearance of pathological manifestations occurs only after exposure to certain anesthetic drugs, usually those used during a general anesthesia .

Thus, malignant hyperthermia can also be defined as an abnormal reaction that occurs only in genetically predisposed individuals and only when these same subjects are subjected to certain anesthetics.

If you do not take the anesthetics considered dangerous, an individual with genes that cause malignant hyperthermia is well and lives a completely normal life.

For the sake of completeness, some studies have shown that, in addition to anesthetics, malignant hyperthermia can also be intense exercise or a stroke. However, again according to the same research, these would be very rare events.