home fitness

Keep fit without going to the gym

Unfortunately for one reason or another it can happen that sometimes you can't go to the gym. However, with these simple exercises you can train at home, in the office and even in a hotel room.


is the classic abdominal exercise. Lie on your back on the movement and raise your thighs and legs so that they form a right angle between them. Place your hands behind your neck and raise your shoulders so that your torso is close to your pelvis.

The abdominal muscles are expiratory muscles, therefore in the active phase of the movement (when you approach the chest to the pelvis) exhale deeply. In particular, begin to empty the lungs from the beginning of the movement so that at the point of maximum abdominal shortening the diaphragm does not hinder the work of these muscles.

Folds on the arms

It is the most traditional of exercises, very useful for training shoulders, pectorals and triceps. Lie down prone on the floor, place your arms slightly lower than your shoulders and distance yourself from the trunk enough to form a right angle with your forearms. Keeping the body parallel to the ground push upwards with your hands.


It is an excellent exercise for the back, for the posterior deltoids, for the trapezius and for the biceps. Place a rod or broomstick on the backs of two chairs at a distance of at least 60 cm from each other. Lie down on your back and hold the rod close to the backs. Keeping your body straight and your heels on the floor, pull to lift yourself up to bring your chin above the rod.


Place a pole or broom over your shoulders and hold it with your hands at a distance slightly greater than that of your shoulders, flex your legs and go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Push up keeping your feet in contact with the ground. Stop for a moment before fully extending your legs and repeat the exercise.


Excellent exercise for the triceps can also be used to train the deltoids and pectorals.

Place two sturdy chairs at a distance between them equal to the width of your shoulders. Alternatively you can use the rigid edge of the bed or that of a chair. Place your hands on the chairs and, starting with bent arms, push upwards to lift yourself, avoiding tilting too far forward to avoid losing your balance. Hold for a second and repeat the exercise