Anti-cellulite mud

Why Mud?

Anti-cellulite mud is an ally of female beauty: it is slime obtained by incorporating thermal water into a clay component embellished with essences, trace elements, algae or plankton.

Since ancient times, thermal mud has been used to restore or improve some skin blemishes, first of all acne, impure skin and small superficial wrinkles.

Through the study of the beneficial and therapeutic-like properties of thermal mud, it has been demonstrated that the frequent application of this precious slime can visibly improve the appearance of legs, buttocks, thighs and abdomen affected by cellulite.


Anti-Cellulite Mud Composition

The anti-cellulite muds are essentially composed of three components:

  • Thermal water : according to the type of thermal water used and the type of oligoelements that make it up, the mud can be classified as sulphurous, chlorinated (the most popular in thermal centers), sulphurous, salsoiodic, ferruginous and arsenic.
  • Solid fraction : generally includes an inorganic part (clay) to which an organic component is incorporated, such as bacteria, algae, humus, etc.
  • P active functional principles : natural extracts with capillarotropic action are undoubtedly the most suitable to enrich a thermal mud. Extracts of Centella asiatica, blueberry, ivy, butcher's broom and horse chestnut intervene positively in the treatment of cellulite, given that they stimulate subcutaneous microcirculation, while exerting an anti-edema and anti-inflammatory activity.


Anti-cellulite mud applications are extremely beneficial for fighting orange peel skin. In the first instance, the thermal treatments improve the local microcirculation: thanks to the heat of the mud and the vasotonic properties of the essential oils mixed in the mixture, the "enriched" mud increases the resistance of the cell walls, decreases their permeability and counteracts the stagnation of interstitial fluids on the skin where it is applied. The described antiedemic action can be enhanced or supported by other functional active ingredients incorporated in the therapeutic sludge (eg escin extracted from the horse chestnut). The anti-cellulite action of the thermal mud is also used to encourage the restoration of the correct balance of ionic exchanges and (superficial) lipid metabolism.

The anti-cellulite mud gives the skin the functional principles it contains, adsorbs excess toxins, significantly increases body temperature, promotes sweating and stimulates microcirculation. All these beneficial effects result in an appreciable improvement in the appearance of the skin affected by cellulite.

Even the intrinsic properties of the clay are expertly exploited in the anti-cellulite treatment with thermal muds: the clay in fact gives elasticity and tone to the tissues, at the same time purifying the skin from toxins.

The anti-cellulite treatments based on thermal mud are very appreciated also for the positive and very pleasant effects felt by the customer in the short term: in fact, after a first application, in fact, the skin is smoother, toned and elastic.


How to apply Anti-Cellulite Mud

The regular application of anti-cellulite mud, combined with a nutritionally balanced diet and regular physical activity, can undoubtedly bring clear benefits against skin adiposity. In spas, anti-cellulite treatments are probably the most requested, along with anti-acne and depurative treatments.

Before treatment with anti-cellulite mud, a hot shower is required to remove excess dirt. After carefully drying the body with a soft cloth, the orange peel skin is ready to be tested.

Generally, the anti-cellulite treatments plan to cover with the hot thermal mud (the temperature can reach up to about 45 ° C) only the area affected by the disturbance; therefore, the clayey paste will be spread only on the sides, thighs, legs, abdomen or in any other area that needs to be treated.

Anti-cellulite mud is generally distributed with a special soft bristle brush. Then follows a rather energetic massage, always circular, to favor the therapeutic action of anti-cellulite mud, stimulating at the same time the microcirculation.

At the end of the application, the mud must remain in place for 15-40 minutes. Generally, in order to avoid the dispersion of heat, the parts of the body covered with anti-cellulite mud are wrapped in sheets or films.

After that - after the laying time - the patient / client undergoes a lukewarm shower (37-40 ° C) to eliminate that sort of clay mask that is perfectly stuck to the critical areas.

To complete the anti-cellulite treatment, promote sweating and remove stress, the client is normally invited to lie down in a cot and then covered with a warm towel for 30-60 minutes.


  • Hot thermal mud
  • Circular massages
  • Microcirculation stimulating active ingredients

Do-It-Yourself Muds

Do-It-Yourself Anti-Cellulite Mud

Preparing an anti-cellulite mud is very simple and, in some ways, it can also be fun to make a surprisingly effective beauty treatment on your own. First, it is necessary to prepare the mud, the dense clay-based mass that must adhere perfectly to the skin.

The mud is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of clay powder with 50 grams of brown algae (eg kelp seaweed) reduced to powder, then water (better still if thermal) is added in the right amount to obtain a firm, dense and not too much dough liquid. To make the mud functional, it is possible to embellish the dough with a few drops of centella asiatica essential oil, rosemary or butcher's broom. As an alternative to the listed essences, it is possible to add to the dough a very narrow and cooled cup of coffee: the caffeine it contains has in fact lipolytic and anti-edema properties (it stimulates drainage and the removal of stagnant liquids).

The sludge prepared in this way must then be applied to the areas affected by the cellulite blemishes which must then be covered with transparent film. After that, it is necessary to leave everything in place for a period of time that can vary from about 30 to 50 minutes. After this time, the film can be removed and the mud removed with hot water.

Finally, to increase the benefits obtained with anti-cellulite mud, it may be useful to perform a final massage of the treated areas.

Did you know that ...

"Ready to use" anticellulite muds are available on the market in which the solid fraction, the liquid fraction and the functional active ingredients are already mixed and ready to be applied on the areas affected by cellulite. Often, inside the packages - also available in perfumery - there are the so-called saunetta shorts to wear once the muds have been applied instead of the common transparent film.

Self Massage to Reduce Cellulite - Thighs and Hips

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Side effects

Normally, treatment with anti-cellulite mud does not cause any undesirable effects; on the contrary, it has numerous beneficial effects which are also associated with a pleasant relaxing action.

However, during the laying time, a slight tingling sensation may occur, which may be associated with a slight redness. These "side effects", however, are very slight and do not create problems, since they can be attributed to the action of the mud and its components on the microcirculation and on the localized fat deposits.

However, if the tingling is very intense and / or is accompanied by other symptoms such as burning or itching, it is necessary to immediately remove the mud and eventually seek medical attention, since - in this case - these effects could represent the sign of a possible allergy to any of the mud components.


Despite the well-known beneficial effects of anti-cellulite mud, their use is not suitable for everyone. In fact, in general, the use of anticellulite mud is contraindicated in individuals suffering from capillary fragility (especially if very marked) and in subjects suffering from varicose disorders.

Furthermore, as a precautionary measure, the use of anti-cellulite mud is not recommended even in pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. In this regard, it is good to remember that - in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations for the child - pregnant women and breastfeeding women should seek the doctor's preventive advice before undergoing any beauty treatment.

Useful Tips

Although extremely advantageous, anti-cellulite muds certainly cannot work miracles, particularly when adequate and balanced nutrition is not followed, and a sedentary lifestyle is led. To enhance or prolong the anti-cellulite effect promoted by thermal muds, it is important to eat healthily and dedicate yourself constantly to physical activity. For this purpose, it is recommended to:

  • Reduce the intake of foods rich in fat and refined flours;
  • Favor fruits, vegetables and whole grains;
  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Take fish rich in omega 3;
  • Reduce sugar intake;
  • Limit the consumption of red meat, dairy products and hypersalted foods, among the major responsible for cellulite;
  • Regularly devote yourself to an aerobic activity (aqua-gym, spinning, dance, etc.) with the support of exercises with overloads.

To conclude, it should be pointed out that treatment with anti-cellulite thermal mud alone cannot completely resolve the blemish. Only the combination of a healthy diet, sports, massages and regular treatments with thermal mud can clearly improve the appearance of orange peel skin.