DIOSVEN ® Diosmina

DIOSVEN ® is a drug based on Diosmin.

THERAPEUTIC GROUP: Capillaroprotective substances.

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Indications DIOSVEN ® Diosmina

DIOSVEN ® is indicated for the treatment of all symptoms associated with vascular fragility and prevaricose syndrome, such as: feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs, pains along the medial side of the legs, pains and nocturnal cramps, restless legs syndrome and lower limb edema .

DIOSVEN ® is also useful in the treatment of overt varicose disease, characterized by varicose ulcers, hardening and eczema, in the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids, and in general capillary fragility.

Mechanism of action DIOSVEN ® Diosmina

Diosmin - a semisynthetic active ingredient belonging to the flavonoid family contained in IDOSVEN - is metabolised in the intestine by the resident microbial flora, and subsequently absorbed through enterocytes.

Through the circulatory stream, it reaches the various tissues, particularly the vascular one, especially at the level of the venous circle, where it performs its therapeutic action before being eliminated through a hepatic metabolism.

The numerous mechanisms of action described for diosmin essentially result in the eumetabolic, vasotonic and regulatory action on the vascular walls, with consequent reduction of vascular damage, associated edema and chronic inflammatory process. More precisely, this flavonoid is able to:

  • neutralize the effect of pro-inflammatory molecules such as thromboxane A2 and various prostaglandins, reducing leukocyte activation and the expression of adhesion molecules by the vascular endothelium, with consequent reduction of the inflammatory and edematous process;
  • improve the activity of the lymphatic network, optimizing drainage and avoiding the accumulation of extravascular fluids;
  • reduce the pain symptomatology by inhibiting the transmission of pain information sustained by chemical mediators, and reducing the compression exerted by the edema on the nervous structures.

Studies carried out and clinical efficacy


Chronic venous insufficiency is a disease characterized by a progressive deterioration of vascular function, especially in the lower limbs, which in the long term determines the onset of edema, recurrent pains and varicose ulcers. In this case, bandaging and surgical therapy seem to be the most used therapeutic solutions, while diosmin has proved to be particularly useful in reducing symptoms and preventing ulcers.


Experimental evidence shows that the synergy between diosmin and interferon alpha can guarantee a significant reduction in the proliferation of metastatic lung carcinoma cells in murine models, also reducing its invasiveness.


Studies on animal models with diabetic pathology have shown that diosmin, in addition to the anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective effect, may also have an important metabolic effect, guaranteeing a significant hypoglycemic action.

Method of use and dosage

DIOSVEN ® diosmin 300mg tablets: the generally recommended dosage is one tablet taken three times a day, taking into account that a significant increase in this dosage may be necessary in the treatment of more serious pathological conditions. In the latter case, having obtained the therapeutic effect, it would be useful to continue the pharmaceutical procedure with a maintenance - for at least 2-4 weeks - at the recommended dosage.

In light of these data, the choice of the correct and effective dose should be established by the doctor following a careful assessment of the patient's physiopathological status and therapeutic goals.


Warnings DIOSVEN ® Diosmina

DIOSVEN ® appears to be well tolerated, therefore - with the exception of patients suffering from glucose / galactose malabsorption or lactase enzyme deficiency - there are no particular warnings.

The presence of lactose among the excipients of DIOSVEN ® could in fact determine the onset of adverse gastro-intestinal reactions in these individuals.


The scientific literature does not show clinically significant data on the effects of diosmin, taken in pregnancy, on the health of the fetus. For these reasons, and due to the presence of studies (still in vitro) that show a potential regulatory effect on the expression of genes involved in cell proliferation, we advise against the intake of DIOSVEN ® both during pregnancy and lactation.


The various evaluations on the pharmacokinetics of diosmin do not currently seem to highlight interactions such as to determine significant variations in the biological efficacy of this active ingredient.

Contraindications DIOSVEN ® Diosmina

DIOSVEN ® is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to one of its components, during pregnancy and during lactation.

Undesirable effects - Side effects

The scientific literature and post-marketing monitoring reveal an excellent tolerability of DIOSVEN ® with the presence of few side effects including mostly gastro-intestinal disorders and neurovegetative disorders.


DIOSVEN ® is salable only under medical prescription.