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B12 deficiency and Optical Neuropathy

The clinical picture of optic neuropathy associated with vitamin B12 deficiency shows an extreme similarity with that of "Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy" (LHON - Leber's Hereditary Optical Neuropathy), as both situations involve the nerve fibers of the macular papillary bundle.

Based on the observation of some clinical cases (case reports) it has been shown that optic neuropathy in patients with a primary mtDNA mutation (Mitochondrial DNA) can be accelerated and aggravated by the significant lack of vitamin B12. In light of what has been discovered, carriers who are aware of this disease must carefully treat the dietary intake of vitamin B12 and make sure that they do NOT under any circumstances exhibit the typical malabsorption syndromes (for example, those that appear in the so-called pernicious anemia). post-surgical due to partial gastric resection).