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Purify the Liver

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The liver is a very important organ for the organism because it intervenes in the metabolism of food, drugs, toxins and more generally of whatever is introduced into the human body.

The liver can be compared to a model worker, always punctual, efficient and who hardly gets sick or complains about too much work.

Precisely because it is aware of its extreme importance, many people ask themselves what are the best strategies to keep it healthy and efficient day after day.

General Advice

On newspapers it often happens to read solutions and diets that promise to "purify the liver", stimulating liver function. Despite nature provides us with detoxifying and revitalizing foods, particularly useful in protecting the liver, before asking how to purify this precious organ it would be necessary to ask what rules to adhere to in order not to overload it and intoxicate it unnecessarily:

  • Avoid using drugs without real need
  • Avoid associating more medicines with each other without consulting your doctor; attention also to natural and herbal remedies, just to mention an example, grapefruit juice can greatly increase the absorption of drugs and their bioavailability, even 5-9 times
  • Avoid self-medication
  • Limit alcohol consumption by limiting yourself to a glass of wine or beer during main meals
  • Do not take medicines in combination with alcohol
  • Do not inhale commonly used sprays such as insecticides for small insects
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle characterized by a balanced diet and regular physical activity
  • Moderate the consumption of fries and fat in particular of saturated fats, contained above all in dairy products, margarine and fatty meats. The consumption of these foods should also be reduced to keep cholesterol levels in the blood under control
  • Moderate the consumption of smoked, grilled or charred foods
  • Limit the consumption of salt, replacing it with some spices if necessary
  • Increase consumption of fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables
  • Keep your body weight normal
  • Avoid last-minute diets
  • Make sure you take the right amounts of vitamins and minerals even if you are following a weight loss diet

Detoxifying and Purifying Soup

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Food and Supplements

Among the most suitable foods to purify the liver and stimulate its functionality we remember:

  • lemon juice: rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), effectively cleanses the liver, but can cause problems for those suffering from gastritis
  • artichoke
  • milk thistle
  • apple
  • blueberry
  • cabbage
  • yeast
  • pollen
  • acerola
  • extra virgin olive oil raw, obviously without overdoing the doses

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