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Elenio in Herbalist: Property of the Elenio

Scientific name

Inula helenium


Asteraceae (Compositae)


Very common weed

Used Parts

Drug given by the roots of elenio.

Chemical constituents

  • Inulin;
  • Essential oil with anti-inflammatory activity due to the camazulene content;
  • Triterpene saponins;
  • Sesquiterpene lactones.

Elenio in Herbalist: Property of the Elenio

In folk medicine, elenium is used for mucolytic and antitussive properties, due to the presence of triterpenes and essential oil, which have shown interesting biological properties. References to the use of extracts in humans are lacking, especially in reference to efficacy and safety.


Avoid the use of elenio in case of hypersensitivity to one or more components and in any case to other Asteraceae (cross-reactivity).

Pharmacological Interactions

  • Oral and hypotensive hypoglycemic agents: possible interference by effect summation.