Cappuccino Calories

Cappuccino is a traditional Italian drink, in which espresso is corrected with milk and milk frothed. Sometimes, to complete, add a tablespoon of cream and a sprinkle of cocoa or cinnamon powder.

But how many calories does a cappuccino have? Usually the drink contains about 125 ml of milk and 25 ml of coffee; as a rule, whole milk is used, which is tastier than skimmed milk, although the formation of foam is mainly linked to the protein fraction. Analyzing the basic ingredients, we can therefore state that an unsweetened cappuccino provides about 80 calories to the body.

Clearly, the energy supply of a sweetened or otherwise correct cappuccino increases compared to the bitter counterpart.

To calculate the calories of a cup of cappuccino, prepared according to your habits, simply select the various ingredients added to the coffee from the drop-down menus, specifying the respective quantities each time.