Dairy Vegan Substitute Foods

Those who follow a vegan diet can take advantage of a series of food "imitations" as vegetable substitutes for animal products. The best known examples are the cream, milk and vegetable cheeses, and margarine.

Speaking of vegetable milk, we recall that the most famous types are: soy milk, almond milk, cereal milk (oat milk and rice milk) and coconut milk. Soy milk supplies about 7g of protein per cup (240ml), compared to 8g of cow's milk (for both foods, nutritional values ​​may change based on the specific processing and brand of the product). Almond milk, on the other hand, provides less carbohydrates, less protein and more lipids.

As regards the health aspect, we remind you that common soy milk should NOT be used as a substitute for breast milk; children who do not have the possibility of being fed with human milk need commercial artificial products (guaranteed), or fortified reformulations based on cow's milk or (at most) soy (the latter, known as soy-based infant formula or SBIF).

Imitations of dairy products can be based on soy or walnuts or tapioca. For vegans, these pseudo-cheeses, such as Chreese, Daiya, Sheese, Teese and Tofutti, replace both the taste and the consistency of the traditional ones, although lovers of animal foods do not seem to agree completely with that statement! Vegan cheese substitutes can also be produced at home, using (for example) "Alice Recipes".

Finally, in vegan cuisine, butter is commonly replaced by margarine, just as milk cream is generally replaced by vegetable cream.