Symptoms Nodules of the thyroid

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The nodules of the thyroid are small clusters of roundish cells, sometimes well evident on palpation, which form at the base of the neck (region corresponding to the anatomical site of this gland). Most often they are benign tumors (adenomas or cysts) that are completely asymptomatic, but in some circumstances they can give symptoms due to excessive hormonal secretion (tachycardia, nervousness and agitation). Reduced, but always possible, the evolution in a malignant tumor, which is why their nature must always be investigated and monitored over time. At the slightest aspect of malign evolution the nodule will be promptly removed.

Most common symptoms and signs *

  • Cardiomegaly
  • Mass or swelling in the neck
  • Nervousness
  • Nodule
  • Paralysis of the vocal cords
  • Sweating

Further indications

Large thyroid nodules can be bothersome (sense of tension and neck weight, rarely pain) or create aesthetic problems (goiter). A nodule of particularly hard consistency, affected by rapid growth, has a greater chance of being carcinomatous; in this case it is often accompanied by symptoms such as hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing or breathing and swollen lymph nodes in the neck.